Manifold Valley


Manifold Valley

Manifold Track

This 9 mile tarmac track runs along the line of a disused railway from Hulme End, near Hartington in the north to Waterhouses on the A523 Leek to Ashbourne road in the south. It provides a good level surface for people in wheelchairs, families with pushchairs and for cyclists. However the section from Swainsley to Wetton Mill is used by traffic (single track) and contains a tunnel 100m long at Swainsley; this is illuminated but still quite dark - there are small passing places where pedestrians can avoid vehicles but it would not be recommended for people in wheelchairs or with pushchairs.

There are a number of car parks giving access to the Manifold Track.

Parking spaces reserved for disabled people

Toilets with facilities for disabled people


Easy going trail

Daily bus service

Hulme End

Map ref: SK 102593

A limestone surfaced car park at the northern end of the Manifold Track, with access to an information centre and toilets managed by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (both housed in the old station). Pay and display, free to blue badge holders. There are 4 spaces reserved for disabled people, straight ahead at the entrance to the car park, which give level access to the Manifold Track, information centre and toilets which are 50m away.

The centre is open winter Sundays, weekends in March, and most days during the summer and school holidays. It has wall-mounted interpretation boards and a working model of the railway; this and the toilets are wheelchair-accessible.

The reserved parking also gives level access onto the Manifold Track.

There are seven picnic tables, one of which is suitable for wheelchairs.

Campsite close by.


Easy going trail


Map ref: SK 092577

An informal car park just north of Swainsley Tunnel giving access onto the Manifold Track. The access road and Manifold Track are surfaced here with tarmac; the parking bays are of fairly smooth limestone chippings.

No designated parking or facilities but this is a pleasant place to sit and watch the prolific birdlife, or gain access to the level Manifold Track (NB. from here southwards the track passes through the 100m Swainsley Tunnel which is lit but is used by traffic and has no pavement - not recommended for people in wheelchairs or with pushchairs).


Wetton Mill

Map ref: SK 095561

Informal roadside parking close to the River Manifold.

A gravel footpath with gentle slopes leads to the riverside, but no seating is provided.

There are no facilities but just over the bridge is a cafe with a separate car park and toilets.


Toilets with facilities for disabled people

Daily bus service

Wetton Car Park

Map ref: SK 108552

A small tarmaced car park and toilets outside Wetton; no designated parking.

There is a toilet suitable for disabled people up a ramped access at the back of the block.


Easy going trail

Weag's Bridge

Map ref: SK 100543

An informal car park giving good access onto the Manifold Track. The road is tarmac and the parking bays are surfaced with limestone chippings; no designated parking or picnic tables.

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