Sustainable management and conflict resolution


This program examines the relationship between conservation, recreation and economic activity, ultimately considering the sustainable management of the landscape. many possible sites are available, but  the North Lees estate and Stanage is one of the best where students can explore the potential conflicts and issues between stakeholders and their resolution around Stanage edge and gain some insight into the workings of the Stanage forum.

  • Suitable for: KS3,4,5 and those in higher education and can be tailored to suit, tourism, business or conservation courses.
  • Duration: up to 5.5 hours (10:30 - 16:00).
  • Location: Stanage Edge (Hooks Carr) with various other options possible - see teacher's notes.
  • Please contact us on 01629816373 or

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What teachers said about this day:

"Great Stuff! Well pitched, very helpful and informative. The staff were great." - Nottingham Trent University

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