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Tuesday 23 March 2004

23 March 2004


Two new members have been welcomed to the Peak District National Park Authority. Appointed by the Secretary of State for the Environment for a period of 3 years, they are:

Barry Neville, formerly a Regional Development Manager for Sport England, and Derbyshire and Peak Liaison Officer, and currently a freelance consultant specialising in sustainable communities, sport and recreation. He lives in Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham. Barry will help the Authority develop the range of services it offers to people who visit the Park, especially focusing on encouraging people to be more active in outdoor sports and activities.

And Pauline Beswick, a former Principal Keeper of Human History at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield, and currently a freelance archaeologist, who lives in Froggatt, in the National Park. Pauline's expertise will be of particular use in the coming year as the Authority develops a Cultural Heritage Strategy.

Tony Hams, Chair of the Authority, said: "We welcome the new members and look forward to the contribution they will make over the coming years. Both Barry and Pauline have worked with the Authority through various partnership projects over a number of years. Now as members their experience and knowledge will broaden the representation of interests within the Authority and strengthen decisions that we make. Together it is our responsibility to look after the National Park so that people can enjoy its special qualities, both today and in the future."

There are currently 38 members in all, representing people, business interests, conservation and recreation.

Two members are retiring from the Authority: Brenda Hilditch, who lives in Denton, Manchester and Ken Jackson, of Ripley, Derbyshire.

Tony Hams thanked them for their hard work and commitment both to the National Park and the Authority. He said: " We are very grateful to Brenda and Ken for their efforts. Each has brought their own knowledge and expertise to bear on the Authority and made positive contributions to decisions on conservation, planning, housing, recreation, agriculture, forestry and resource issues.

"Brenda, member of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council for Audenshaw and a former nursing sister, was first appointed to the Authority in 1998. Her specialist knowledge of access issues for disabled people has been invaluable. Ken, a retired recreation and conservation manager and former senior planner, has been an Authority member since 1999. His extensive understanding of National Park issues has been greatly appreciated."

In addition, the Secretary of State has reappointed two existing members: Tony Hams, Chair of the Authority, who lives in Tideswell, and Narendra Bajaria, of Sheffield, for another 3 year stint.

In March 2004, the Government announced plans to reduce the PDNPA membership from 38 to 30 members but no timescale for the reduction is known as yet.

This is an archived press release

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