Clean team to tackle Kinder Scout

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Thursday 2 September 2004

2 September 2004

Clean team to tackle Kinder Scout

A dedicated band of litter-pickers is to carry out a mass clean-up of Kinder Scout.

The 2,000-foot summit is a mecca for walkers in the Peak District National Park - but too many leave more than their footprints when they depart.

Sweet wrappers, crisp packets, drinks cans and bottles not only mar the scenery, they can cause disease and injury to wildlife.

So in a bid to return the landmark to pristine perfection National Park rangers and National Trust wardens are leading a squad of partner organisations in a double assault on the thoughtless throwaways on Sunday September 12.

One group will start on one side of Kinder, at Edale, and the other on the Hayfield side, picking up discarded debris for disposal or recycling.

Those taking part include not only rangers and wardens but members of the Peak and Northern Footpath Society, the Sheffield Campaign for Access to Moorland, the Woodcraft Folk, the Ramblers' Association and Kinder Mountain Rescue Team. The project will be led by National Park area rangers Ian Hurst and Sheila McHale and area wardens Shane Bates and Chris Millner from the National Trust which owns the majority of Kinder Scout.

Ian Hurst said: "The main aim is to clear litter from popular locations on Kinder Scout, but we also want to highlight the fact that this will take place a week before the new Countryside and Rights of Way Act comes into force in the Peak District, giving people the right to walk on moorland previously closed to the public - and to encourage walkers to be responsible, which includes not leaving litter."

High Peak Borough Council is providing two skips for the gathered detritus, and the main message to the litter-louts will be: bin it, bag it, pick it up, pack it, take it home, but whatever you do, don't drop it.

This is an archived press release

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