For sale to caring owners - ten Peak District woods

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Friday 19 August 2005

19 August 2005

For sale to caring owners - ten Peak District woods

The Peak District National Park Authority is hoping to find new owners to look after ten small, but important woodlands scattered between Bakewell and Buxton.

The buyers would be expected to take care of attractive groups of trees, be responsible for looking after stone walls and ensuring that the trees are in safe condition.

National Park forestry and tree manager Steve Tompkins said: "They could thin out young trees, and increase the wildlife value by planting native shrubs and putting up bird and bat boxes. They would also have the pride and pleasure of being able to visit their own piece of the National Park."

The woodlands range in size from about one tenth of a hectare to 1.6 hectares (0.2 to 4.0 acres).

The sales are part of a rolling programme of woodland management carried out by the National Park Authority, which owns more than 160 woodlands throughout the Park. Over the past ten years the Authority has disposed of 28 woodlands, and this has raised the funds for it to take on 23 new woodlands in need of the special management and protection it can offer.

The process has allowed the creation of an award-winning Millennium Woodland on Kenslow Knoll near Youlgreave, and the complete restoration of a derelict woodland at Low Moor on one of the Park's busiest footpaths leading to Lathkilldale.

Purchases sought

By taking on the management of ten of the National Park's woodlands, the new owners will be releasing funds to enable the Authority to look after other woodlands in need of the special care and protection it can offer.

The Authority would also like to hear from the owners of woodlands in the National Park who might be interested in a sale or lease of their woodland to the Authority so that management and restoration work can be carried out.

For further details please contact the National Park tree and forestry service on 01629 816346, or email

This is an archived press release

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