Judge allows hearing on quarry exchange

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Thursday 13 October 2005

13 October 2005

Judge allows hearing on quarry exchange

The Peak District National Park Authority has expressed disappointment after a legal decision over rights to quarry on Longstone Edge.

Bleaklow Industries, which owns land on the eastern end of Longstone Edge, has been granted leave to apply for judicial review of a National Park Authority planning decision.

The legal challenge stemmed from planning permission granted in September 2004 to Glebe Mines Ltd to extract vein minerals from a seven-hectare quarry at Winster Moor. As part of the planning agreement attached to the permission, Glebe Mines surrendered the right to work vein mineral on a 105-hectare area of Longstone Edge, owned by Bleaklow Industries, near Hassop and Calver.

Although a judge in January ruled that the National Park Authority's decision was justified, at an oral hearing this week (October 10) a different judge ruled in the company's favour.

His view was that, although the principle of the trade-off of permissions was legitimate, it was arguable that the Authority members may not have had the fullest information on which to make a safe decision, and therefore the matter should be looked at by the court. The full hearing is expected in the next six months.

National Park director of conservation and development John Lomas said: "The judge granted a hearing even though he accepted the principle of the Authority's view. We will argue our case through the courts, with the support of many in the local community."

In the meantime, Glebe Mines is continuing to work the Winster Moor site.

This is an archived press release

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