Learn to start an ailing heart with Bert and Gertie

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Tuesday 17 May 2005

17 May 2005

Learn to start an ailing heart with Bert and Gertie

Family walking could take a funny turn with the launch of Bert and Gertie's Disastrous Day Out during half-term on June 1.

Bert and Gertie will make their comedy debut this summer in four free guided walks developed by Peak District National Park rangers with a serious intent - to teach the basics of what to do when someone has heart problems out in the countryside.

Using British Heart Foundation methods, Bert and Gertie's Disastrous Day Out could result in lives being saved by prompt action, and BHF Heartstart certificates will go to walk participants.

The walks will start off as normal, when suddenly Gertie - a lady straight out of the 1950s - leaps about in great distress: "Oh dear, help me - my husband Bert's had a funny turn!"

Walkers will then learn how to revive poor old Bert with resuscitation techniques before wandering along their merry way once again.

Unfortunately that is not the end of Bert and Gertie's disasters - for Bert then raises the alarm: "Oh dear, oh dear - Gertie's collapsed - can anybody help me?"

And of course the trusty walking party comes to their aid - learning more about on-the-spot treatment that could keep someone going before the emergency services arrive.

Rangers are taking turns to act as Bert and Gertie on each of the four walks.

Senior Ranger Jenny Waller said: "This is a light-hearted day out for all ages, but with a serious message - that sometimes health emergencies can happen in isolated places and here's what you can do to give immediate assistance."

The Peak District National Park ranger service and British Heart Foundation recently hit their target of raising £90,000 to buy 46 defibrillators - machines which re-start a failing heart - for rangers to use out in the open country.

* Bert and Gertie's Disastrous Day Out will take place on June 1 (2pm from Tideswell Dale car park), June 4 (2pm from Langsett Barn Ranger Centre), July 28 (2pm from Fairholmes Ranger Centre, Derwent Valley) and August 14 (2pm from Dovedale car park).

* Walks are free, but please book on 01629 816290 (weekdays).

This is an archived press release

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