National Liftshare Day - cut the carbon, cut the costs

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Monday 6 June 2005

6 June 2005

National Liftshare Day - cut the carbon, cut the costs

Peak District drivers are being given a big push to car-share this month, not just on National Liftshare Day (June 14) but on a regular basis.

And to give them a lead in cutting congestion, Peak District National Park Authority staff are staging a Green Travel competition on Monday June 13 (2pm) to compare driving, cycling and walking between their two Bakewell offices.

Chief executive Jim Dixon will walk, Authority member Anne Ashe will drive and research technician Joe Bawden will cycle between Aldern House and Orme Court to compare not just how long it takes but effects on health, noise, pollution, costs and also the visual impact of travelling in different ways.

Transport planner Tim Miles will vet the competition: "Hopefully it will demonstrate there are alternatives to taking the car," he said. "Much local congestion is caused by people driving short distances, so by walking or cycling we're having a positive impact on the people of Bakewell, as well as improving our own health and contributing to the reduction of harmful carbon dioxide."

Encouraging car-sharing will be a major part of the Authority's forthcoming Green Travel Plan, which Tim is co-ordinating. Several Authority staff already car-share to and from work, including survey archaeologist Alice Ullathorne, from Sheffield: "Between two and five of us share the 30-mile round trip every day," she said. "We take turns to drive, and if someone needs their car that day they will drive.

"Car-sharing makes sense to us, we save money, it's green and we've all got to know each other much better. It's easy to do and more flexible than you'd imagine."

Derbyshire drivers can go to for free registration of their journey to be matched with potential car-sharers who work in the same area. Personal details are kept confidential.

National Liftshare Day is held in partnership with World Environment Day to to promote car-sharing, both nationally and locally, as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly form of transport, which is available to everyone free of charge.

This is an archived press release

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