Performance assessment spotlight on National Park Authority

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Monday 19 September 2005

19 September 2005

Performance assessment spotlight on National Park Authority

A team of assessors will be putting the spotlight on the Peak District National Park Authority next week as part of a new national scrutiny process.

During 2005 all English National Parks - with the exception of the newly created New Forest - are taking part in the National Park Authority Performance Assessment process.

The focus is on a week-long visit by a team of independent assessors, and the Peak District's assessment begins on Monday 26 September. They will be interviewing the Authority's members and officers, talking to stakeholders and partner organisations and scrutinising the Authority's policies, performance and plans for improvement.

To help prepare for the review, the Authority turned the spotlight on itself and conducted a self assessment. This follows a set of key questions common to all National Park assessments, called the 'key lines of enquiry'.

Peak District National Park Authority chief executive Jim Dixon said: "In common with all local authorities, National Parks are facing a period of rapid change. We welcome the new assessment process, which will celebrate what we do well and also highlight areas where we must improve."

The assessors' report will be published during October and it will help to guide the Authority's performance improvement plan.

Local councils have been subject to a similar assessment regime for some years - the Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA). The major difference is that the National Parks system focuses on scrutiny by peer authorities.

For more information on the assessment process in the Peak District visit

This is an archived press release

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