Wreckers target National Park WCs

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Monday 24 January 2005

24 January 2005

Wreckers target National Park WCs

Wreckers - believed to have gone armed with sledgehammers and pickaxes - half demolished the front wall of public conveniences at a popular beauty spot.

The demolition crew caused £15,000-worth of damage at White Lodge car park, near Monsal Dale, in the latest and by far the worst of a spate of attacks on Peak District National Park public conveniences.

National Park Authority chiefs are seriously considering whether the facilities off the A6, near Taddington, can be replaced, but say they will be out of action at least until after Easter.

Head of access and recreation Sean Prendergast said: "This is well beyond vandalism, it's sheer wanton destruction - the building looks like a bomb's hit it. They must have come prepared with sledgehammers and pickaxes to do this amount of damage.

"The is the latest and worst in a serious of attacks on National Park conveniences over the last few months - it's happened at Millers Dale, Tideswell Dale and Derbyshire Bridge in the Goyt Valley.

"The irony is, if this is being done by someone with a grudge against the Authority, we're not the ones who're suffering most, but the disabled, parents with children and walkers who need these kind of facilities at a popular beauty spot."

The conveniences were opened in the mid-1990s using advanced environmentally-friendly composting techniques at the site which is without mains water or electricity.

The damage was discovered on Monday morning by a cleaner. They had been unharmed on Sunday evening when they were locked up for the night.

A police scene-of-crime team took forensic evidence from the site. Information can be given to police anonymously by ringing Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

This is an archived press release

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