150 pupils swap places for European Day of Parks

This is an archived press release

Wednesday 24 May 2006

24 May 2006

150 pupils swap places for European Day of Parks

Village schools in the Peak District swapped places with nearby city schools to celebrate the European Day of Parks (May 24).

Nine schools, totalling 150 children and 20 adults, travelled between the Hope Valley and Stockport or Sheffield by bus or train as part of a Green Day event – showing young people how  public transport can be used to explore their environment.

Met at their destinations by rangers from the Peak District National Park, Sheffield and Stockport councils, the youngsters visited each other’s schools and took part in walks and activities.

City children were introduced to open rural landscapes and wildlife, village children to bigger schools, busy streets, and urban parks.

Only four of the 22 children from one of the Stockport schools had ever been on a train before, and a recent survey showed that 67% of children living in rural areas had never  travelled on public transport (except a school bus).

This was the fifth year of the event, and its rising importance was reflected in the number of sponsors keen to support it, including Northern Rail, First Group Buses, North Sheffield Woodlands Project and the Peak District Sustainable Development Fund.

This is an archived press release

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