Authority pledges to keep a close watch on new quarrying works

This is an archived press release

Friday 14 July 2006

14 July

Authority pledges to keep a close watch on new quarrying works

The Peak District National Park Authority will closely monitor any new quarrying at Wager’s Flat on Longstone Edge, near Bakewell, after a company began preliminary works at the site.

Today’s (14 July) Authority Planning Committee heard that MMC Mineral Processing Ltd have commenced operations at Wager’s Flat, close to Backdale Quarry. The company is entitled to work the site under the terms of a 1952 planning consent.

The committee expressed its concern, and pledged to continue with the on-going enforcement action that has put a halt to works at Backdale Quarry.

In addition, the Authority will explore all potential options to resolve the issue of the 1952 planning permission including the possibility of revoking the 1952 planning consent for the area, as a permanent solution to end all quarrying at the eastern side of Longstone Edge - which includes Backdale, Wager’s Flat and Beacon Rod.

Revoking the consent could hold the best long-term solution to the quarrying problems on Longstone Edge. However, it may be beyond the financial capabilities of the Authority, as compensation could be claimed.

Whilst today’s committee was in session, officers from the Authority were holding talks with Government officials about finding a permanent solution to the challenges faced by the Authority at Longstone Edge.

Peak District National Park Authority Planning Committee Chair, Narendra Bajaria, said: We are concerned that works have started at Wager’s Flat but it might be entirely lawful for MMC Mineral Processing Ltd to work the site provided they comply with the terms of the 1952 planning consent.

In our view the site should be worked predominantly for vein mineral - fluorspar, barytes and lead. This means that any limestone extraction must be secondary to vein mineral extraction, and we will closely monitor any works to ensure that the terms of the permission are complied with.

We feel that we have reached a stage where revocation of all rights to quarry at the eastern end of Longstone Edge must be seriously considered.

Over the coming weeks, whilst we will be exploring all of the options, we would ask the community to bear with us - as soon as we know more we will make a public announcement.

This is an archived press release

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