Stop notice to be issued over Peak District quarry

This is an archived press release

Friday 20 January 2006

20 January 2006

Stop notice to be issued over Peak District quarry

The Peak District National Park Authority is to issue a stop notice to halt alleged unlawful extraction of limestone, which is damaging the landscape on Longstone Edge.

The Authority’s planning committee today (Fri Jan 20) resolved to issue the stop notice within days, over the majority of the Backdale quarry area, which the Authority believes is being worked unlawfully.

Over the next few days the Authority will meet representatives from the quarry operator and owner - MMC Mineral Processing Ltd and Bleaklow Industries Ltd – to reinforce the implications of the stop notice. They will have three days to comply with the notice and cease the bulk extraction of limestone which is at the root of the controversy. Failure to comply would be a criminal offence.

They will still be able to carry on extracting vein minerals (mainly fluorspar) and limestone from a small area of the site not covered by the stop notice, in accordance with their 1952 planning permission.

The Authority’s action has received financial backing from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Rural affairs minister Jim Knight is coming to see Backdale for himself later this month, following talks with Authority chiefs and appeals from residents, who formed an action group, Save Longstone Edge.

The Authority is to hold a public meeting at Cliff College, Calver, at 7.30pm on January 30 to keep residents and other interested parties informed of developments.

Meanwhile preparations are still going on for the resumption of a public inquiry over Backdale in April. The inquiry – to decide whether the Authority’s 2004 enforcement notice was lawful – was opened and immediately adjourned last September, after the Planning Inspector concluded that insufficient time had been allowed to consider the issues.

This is an archived press release

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