Survey to check housing use in National Park

This is an archived press release

Thursday 22 June 2006

22 June 2006

Survey to check housing use in National Park

The Peak District National Park Authority wants to find out if the Park’s stock of affordable and farm workers’ homes is continuing to meet the needs of local people.

It also wishes to find out more about the way in which holiday accommodation is meeting the needs of visitors.

To discover the facts, around 700 home-owners or occupiers are being contacted in July and August, in a Housing Occupancy Survey.

Since 1991 around half the homes granted planning permission in the National Park have been subject to conditions or legal agreements restricting their market to local people who would otherwise struggle to afford a home, or to agricultural or forestry workers, or to holiday accommodation.

The Housing Occupancy Survey is designed to find out whether the restrictions are working, in terms of safeguarding affordable housing over the long term, and supporting farming and tourism.

The key to making sure the homes stay available for the people they were intended for, is that when they change hands, they continue to be occupied by local people in housing need, or farm or forestry workers.

The Peak District was the first National Park Authority in the country to promote affordable housing in the early 1990s with its policy of attaching these conditions to most new-build homes.

Planning committee chair Narendra Bajaria said: “We hope people will see this as a positive move by the Authority and will thus co-operate with the survey, as these policies are aimed at strengthening the balance of National Park communities, enabling young families and older people to stay in the area, and supporting the National Park economy.”

This is an archived press release

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