Authority focuses funding on priority areas

This is an archived press release

Friday 9 February 2007

9 February 2007

Authority focuses funding on priority areas

Planning and quarrying issues, restoration of threatened moorland and getting young people involved in the future of the National Park, will be the top priorities for the Peak District National Park Authority over the next 12 months.

The Authority’s members met today (Friday 9 February) to confirm the funding priorities for 2007-8. They have agreed a budget that continues the Authority’s commitment to allocate resources to the key areas that will help conserve, enhance and protect the National Park - and involve local people in shaping the Park’s future.

National Park Authorities are funded mainly through a Government grant, and over the coming 12 months the Peak District will receive an increase of just over 2.5%, in line with inflation (see ‘note to editors’).

At today’s meeting the members highlighted three priority areas for the coming year:

*Planning and minerals. This includes handling planning applications, tackling controversial quarrying cases and involving local communities in framing the planning policies that will guide development in the National Park for years to come.

*Moors for the Future. The Authority has signalled its continuing financial support for this ground-breaking parternership, which is working to restore areas of threatened Peak District peat and moorland. Peak District peatbog - more at risk that the South American rainforest - is a natural ‘carbon sink’ that helps combat global warming.

*Engaging with young people. The Authority will continue to build links with local secondary schools, inspiring young people to get involved in the conservation and future management of  the National Park.

Chair of the Peak District National Park Authority, Tony Hams, said: We welcome the inflationary increase in our grant, although it has been another difficult budget settlement with no rise over and above inflation. However, through a very thorough process of prioritisation we will be be focusing on the key areas that will protect, conserve and enhance the Peak District National Park.”

This is an archived press release

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