Schools action pack explores nostalgia trails

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Tuesday 17 February 2009

17 February 2009

Schools action pack explores nostalgia trails

Nostalgia trail walk
Urban and rural teachers can guide their pupils on a countryside journey through history thanks to new education packs produced by a community co-operative.

The Bridgend Centre has produced the packs, linked to National Curriculum key stage 2, giving teachers all the tools they need to explore Bollington’s nostalgia trails and the countryside around Rainow and Pott Shrigley in the Peak District National Park.

The eight nostalgia trails cover different themes - quarrying, wildflowers, lives of mill and agricultural workers, coal/clay mining, ecology, transport and ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ (a comparison of lifestyles between rich and poor in Victorian times).

The education packs also bring in topical issues affecting the countryside such as climate change and sustainability.

The Peak District Sustainable Development Fund gave £14,000 over two years to help develop the project, with the Bridgend Centre supplying a further £4,000.

Co-ordinator Cath Hockney explained: “It is hoped that the pack will encourage schools from Stockport and Manchester to explore and enjoy the area, as well as local schools.

“We want to encourage both urban and rural children to understand the countryside, its heritage, wildlife, and any threats to its future.”

Local schools, including Pott Shrigley, helped with research, along with the Peak District National Park’s environmental learning centre at Losehill Hall, and rangers from the national park and Macclesfield Borough Council.

Bollington’s Bridgend Centre is a community hub where people can take part in social and healthy activities, learn computing, join book clubs or creative classes.

For more details, go to or call 01625 576311. For information on Sustainable Development Fund grants go to or call 01629 816312.

This is an archived press release

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