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This is an archived press release

Thursday 1 December 2011

A guide to make planning easier for residents to understand has been published by the Peak District National Park Authority.

At the same time the authority and parish councils in the Peak District National Park area have agreed a Parish Accord, which sets out what to expect of each other during the planning process.

John Herbert, chair of the planning committee at the Peak District National Park Authority, said: “Planning is too important for it not to be understood by our residents, and it is certainly too important for anyone to not understand how we operate. These documents will help that understanding.

“The Parishes Accord sets out how we want parish councils to see us, and how they can help us.

“The Planning Guide shows you how easy it is to get involved with us at all stages of planning.

“We recognise that most people will deal with planning issues only a few times in their life so we have brought together answers to the most common questions to help guide residents through the process.”

Both documents have been tested by users of the planning service and parish council representatives.

The Guide to the Planning Service and Parishes Accord can be seen by visiting 

Parish councils and meetings have been sent paper copies of both documents and residents who aren’t online can request them as well by ringing 01629 816200.

Brian Long, chair of the Peak Park Parishes Forum, which represents parishes in the Peak District National Park, said: “I am pleased that these documents have been published.

“They will be an aid to parish councils and residents within the national park and can only enhance the understanding and working relationships of all parties.

“It should also improve communications between the authority and residents and also between the authority and parish councils.”

Further information about planning services is available by visiting

This is an archived press release

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