Community land trust wins first approval for affordable homes in the Peak District

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Friday 12 July 2013

The Peak District National Park Authority's planning committee has unanimously approved a scheme for eight affordable homes in Youlgrave.

It is the first time a community land trust has won approval for a housing scheme in the national park.

The houses are to be developed by the Youlgrave Community Land Trust (CLT), in partnership with the Peak District Rural Housing Association, on vacant land in Conksbury Lane, Youlgrave.

Aimed at local people who struggle to find adequate housing, four of the houses will be available for rent and four will be for sale on a shared ownership basis.

The two bungalows and six houses will go some way to helping 16 local households in need of affordable housing as identified in a Derbyshire Dales District council survey last year.

National Park Authority planning committee chair Cllr Lesley Roberts said: "I'm happy to say the committee unanimously approved the scheme. The houses are designed to fit the Authority's guidelines - stone-built to blend with the cottage architecture of the village's Conservation Area, with high standards of insulation and energy efficiency."

Youlgrave Community Land Trust chair David Frederickson, who is also a Derbyshire Dales District Councillor, said: "This is very welcome news for Youlgrave. The economic climate we live in means that rural communities have to do things for themselves. We are used to that and are determined to make a success of this scheme for the benefit of our community."

Housing association manager Alison Clamp said: "We're very pleased the Authority gave its approval. Homes for young families are certainly needed in Youlgreave and it is fantastic that young people will have the opportunity to stay and contribute to their village."

Leader of Derbyshire Dales District Council, Councillor Lewis Rose OBE, said: "Affordable housing that meets local needs remains Derbyshire Dales District Council's top priority, and we are delighted to have played a major role in enabling these much-needed homes for local people in Youlgrave.

"The District Council worked hard to clearly identify the need for affordable housing in Youlgrave and is providing £160,000 towards the development costs.  At a time when funding for these type of schemes is in short supply, we have also helped to secure a further £262,000 from the Homes and Communities Agency.

"It is a constant challenge to help residents of villages like Youlgrave who understand the need to provide sensitive housing developments for the benefit of local people that call those villages their home. But we are determined to continue this valuable work through our dedicated housing team."

Youlgrave CLT has 182 members.  It can own land and buildings that are important for the community and hold them in perpetuity so they are there for future generations.

CLTs are not-for-profit organisations, run by a Board elected by the members, set up to benefit the local community. All residents can be members of the CLT provided they support its aims and buy a £1 share. Youlgrave has about 850 residents.

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This is an archived press release

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