New pre-application advice service from national park planners

This is an archived press release

Monday 11 February 2013

The Peak District National Park Authority is introducing a new pre-application advice service for people considering development of their property or land.

The service, which includes appointments with allocated planning officers, will improve on previous ‘drop-in’ sessions when only general information could be given.

From  February 18, people who need advice should initially contact the Authority’s Customer Service Team on 01629 816200 or

Customer service advisers can answer general planning queries, but for more detailed enquiries about specific ideas, a planning officer will give pre-application advice and normally see the application right through the process.

Director of planning John Scott said: “Although the drop-in service was easily accessible, it was limited in its effectiveness because of the often incomplete information available to planning officers. They could only reach a very general conclusion within the 20-minute meeting.

“We want to communicate more effectively with our customers so that they understand what to expect and what is expected of them.
“One problem we want to address is that around 300 planning applications a year suffer delays because they lack essential information or documents. We have to go back to the applicant before we can register them to start the planning process.

“The pre-application advice service should avoid this, as people will know exactly what supporting information they need right from the start. They will also be advised about any fundamental problems with the proposal and how they could be resolved to give the application a better chance of success.

“We aim to deliver a quality service that our customers have confidence in.”

The new advice service is also hoped to raise the quality of developments by giving time at an early stage to negotiate changes to proposals that would enhance the national park setting.

To find more information go to .The Planning Service will seek feedback from customers to identify any areas for improvement.

This is an archived press release

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