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Report shows National Park Authority approves 80% of planning applications

This is an archived press release

Wednesday 26 February 2014

The Peak District National Park Authority has published a report which looks at their performance in applying national park policies when dealing with planning applications and planning appeals.

The Local Development Plan Annual Monitoring Report shows that nearly 80% of the 1131 planning decisions made between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013, were approved. In the same period, the Authority achieved a success rate of 74% on planning appeals.

These statistics demonstrate that the majority of development in the national park is in line with local and national planning policies designed to safeguard the Peak District's protected landscape.

Under the Localism Act 2013, planning authorities no longer have a statutory requirement to produce an annual monitoring report for the Government, although there is still a duty to monitor. However, the Authority has produced the report to share the performance and achievement of the planning service with the local community.

John Scott, Director of Planning, said: "We are sharing the monitoring report with the public as part of our continuing improvements to planning services.

"Producing this document gives us the opportunity to look back on the decisions we have made and gauge our performance in applying the policies that help us respond positively to the constant changes in society and the economy, and to care for this protected landscape and its communities.

"We hope it will help people understand the context of planning decisions and why they have been made."

The report shows positive activity in terms of locally needed affordable housing, as well as facilities for visitors including cycling facilities and camp sites.

Occasionally, in exceptional circumstances, a development may be permitted where there are significant reasons that are important enough to over-ride the policies. These exceptional cases are also set out in the Annual Monitoring Report to help people understand the issues and considerations.

John Scott added: "Every year we have a number of test cases involving housing, renewable energy installations, and economic uses of buildings, which trigger detailed debate on how we interpret and apply planning policies.

"All the indications are that we are making good progress in the right direction, and our work to review development management policies provides a further opportunity to respond to current issues."

The Annual Monitoring Report 2012-2013 is available from

The report monitors the Authority's planning performance under the headings of: landscape and conservation; recreation and tourism; homes, shops and community facilities; supporting economic development; minerals; accessibility, travel and traffic; and climate change and sustainable building - also the subject of a free advice booklet.

John Scott said: "Our Supplementary Planning Document on Climate Change and Sustainable Building is a good example of how we are trying to help people understand the special requirements of planning within the national park.

"We want to encourage local communities to work with us to develop sustainable solutions because this will help conserve and enhance the valued characteristics that define the national park, now and for the future."

The Supplementary Planning Document on Climate Change and Sustainable Building is available to download from

Advice for people wanting to submit a planning application is available from customer service team on 01629 816 200 or

This is an archived press release

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