Returning woodlands to the community

This is an archived press release

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Jackson's Plantation - Peak ForestWe are continuing to sell some of our woodlands. Fourteen woodlands have already been bought by members of the public who are now enjoying the benefits of owning a woodland in the Peak District National Park.

We currently manage more than 100 woodlands, covering 417 hectares of land in the National Park. We have acquired these woodlands since we were designated a National Park in 1951, with the aim of securing these important landscape features and rescuing woodlands which were under threat or in need of restoration. Some were also acquired as part of bigger estates.

Having established or improved these woods – often by reclaiming former rubbish tips or quarry sites – and protecting and maintaining them over many years, we have fulfilled our primary conservation objective.

We now want to return these natural assets to the community to reduce our liabilities and make the best possible use of the resources we have.

The woodland sales allow us to focus on the protection, improvement and maintenance of our other holdings and any woodlands sold will still be regulated by the Forestry Commission in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard.

If you would like the opportunity to buy a woodland from us please take a look at the woodlands currently available for sale with the agent Bagshaws, on Bagshaws' website or contact them on 01629 812777.

Name of woodLocationArea (ha)Area (acres)
Barmoor North WoodNorth of Doveholes0.270.67
Barmoor South WoodNorth of Doveholes0.240.59
Cotesfield PlantationNorth of Parsley Hay2.095.16
Crossroads WoodBlackwell/Taddington0.050.12
Jackson's PlantationPeak Forest1.984.89
Flagg Moor WoodPomeroy, near Flagg1.934.77

This is an archived press release

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