Stepping out to Mend Our Mountains

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Thursday 15 March 2018

Walkers support Mend Our Mountains on the Great RidgeIntrepid walkers braved the rain to explore the Peak District National Park’s iconic Great Ridge – and launch the next phase of a major fundraising campaign.

The Peak District National Park is working with the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and other UK national parks in the Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign, which aims to raise £1 million for vital path-repair projects across the UK.

A public launch for the campaign was held at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival from March 9 to 11.

At the opening event, Peak District National Park chief executive Sarah Fowler urged people to help protect special landscapes.

She said: “This campaign is about connecting people to places and caring for landscapes. We are standing in the footprints of those who, decades ago, campaigned for national parks to be created. National Parks and, importantly, the paths and routes we use tell the heritage stories of our nation. They are for all to enjoy together and, hopefully, inspire people to give back.”

In the Peak District National Park, £140,000 is needed to fund path repairs on the Great Ridge, between Mam Tor and Lose Hill, and a further £70,000 for a stretch of the Cut Gate bridleway – known as the Bog of Doom - on the Derwent moors.

Peak District National Park access and rights of way manager Mike Rhodes said: “This is an opportunity for people who enjoy these popular paths to understand and contribute towards the costs of maintaining them.

“Popular paths become worn quickly and the weather can reduce a good path to a boggy mess very quickly. This can have impacts on the wider landscape and wildlife habitats. By helping towards the financial costs of maintenance, you are ensuring that the landscapes and habitats are protected for everyone to enjoy.”

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This is an archived press release

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