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Staying safe in the Peak District - Covid-19

Last update: 15 July 2022

Covid-19 - all government restrictions now lifted

There are currently no legal government restrictions on travel, social distancing or other activities for Covid-19.

Our facilities

National Park visitor centres, bike hire (and associated food and drink concessions), North Lees campsite along with our car parks and public toilets are open. Please check ahead first if you are unsure of opening times.

Additional cleansing and other measures remain in place in our facilities for your comfort and safety.

Keep your visit #PeakDistrictProud

Get in the zone Get in the zone

Parking can get really busy at the moment, so make your day easier by finding the most suitable car park on our car park listings. Some of the most popular spots can be at full capacity by 9-10am at weekends, so don't forget to plan ahead.

Many of our car parks are already free, but if you do need to Pay & Display you may need loose change as card payments are not possible in some locations. Bad parking on the roadside, in villages or across access entrances can stop emergency crews and local communities getting through, so always stick to approved parking zones. Many areas are now patrolled and penalty notices may be issued.

No BBQs or camp fires No BBQs or camp fires

There is currently a high risk of the fire in the Peak District.

You can play your part to reduce the risk of fire in the National Park.

BBQs, camp fires or other naked flames are not permitted in the open countryside anywhere in the National Park. The results of fires can be devastating, and fines may be issued in some areas. The easiest way to avoid a problem is to leave the BBQ at home. Picnics are great, but please clean up after your feast!

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) which directly prohibit the use of items such as disposable BBQs, fireworks, open fires and Chinese lanterns are also in place in some local authority areas.

What to do if you see fire in the countryside

If an uncontrolled fire is present in the open countryside, or you see large volumes of smoke contact the Fire Service on 999, giving as much detail about the location as possible. Do not put yourself at any risk by tackling a fire.

If you see someone deliberately setting a fire or using BBQs or other naked flames outside of approved areas like a campsite, you can contact Firestoppers on 0800 169 5888. Please do not call us to report fires, as first-hand information would need to be provided to the Fire Service directly and we unable to do this from our offices.

Please check with individual campsites for guidance on barbecues in approved areas.

Our ask to retailers

In both 2020 and in April 2021, we wrote to over 170 local and national retailers based in and around the Peak District National Park regarding the voluntary removal of disposable BBQs from retail sale. We fully support all retailers who choose to remove products from sale that can help reduce the likelihood of wild fire in the Peak District.

We welcome the announcement in spring 2022 by a number of major retailers including Waitrose, Aldi and selected Co-Op stores to remove the sale of disposable BBQs from their outlets.

Zip it Zip it

'Wild camping' (anywhere outside of designated camp sites) is only allowed with landowner permission, and the majority of landowners in the Peak District do not allow this. There's also no wild camping allowed on National Park Authority land.

Take your litter home with you Don't be a rubbish visitor

Take home what you bring with you. Litter can start fires or easily harm wildlife, and ruins the day for everyone else. If you can’t, then bag it and bin it.

Respect the rules Respect our communities

Many of the shops and businesses in our towns and villages are still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic and may still have limited Covid-19 safety measures in place for their own wellbeing. Please respect these and requests by any others in the local community as part of the recovery from Covid-19 in the Peak District.

Trailblazer Be a trail blazer

if you’re new to the Peak District, our traffic-free trails are perfect; flat, wide and paved surfaces, with spectacular views and packed with history and nature.

Ready to know more? Then head to our Visitor pages or check out our FAQs below.

///what3words – emergency location information

Whilst we would always recommend being fully prepared with a map or clear route information when you explore the Peak District, there may be situations where you become lost in an unfamiliar area. The what3words system can help you in an emergency situation where you may need urgent assistance.

Once you have the app on your phone prior to your trip, if needed it will generate a totally unique three word pinpont location that can be passed on to the emergency services (this must be done by you).

National Park access and opening times

The Peak District National Park is not gated on entry, and may be accessed by road, rail and on foot at all times 365 days a year.

There is no charge to enter the general area of the National Park, but fees may apply for private land and car parking. The Authority does not control fees applicable to private land.

As a Category V National Park with multiple public highways and rights of way within our boundary, we remain open to access and the park cannot be 'closed' to the public. Some areas may be subject to short, seasonal closures for safety including during a high risk of wildfire.

Visitor Centres

Bike Hire

North Lees Campsite

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