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Random acts of Wildness

30 Days Wild is back this June! Sign-up and take part in a random act of wildness every day. There is an app full of wild activity ideas and more great things to do on the Wildlife Watch website. Let us know what fun activities you've been up to!

This month:

If you would like more ideas on activities and resources, head over to our Junior Ranger Facebook page which is regularly updated.

Activity Ideas

  • Have a scavenger hunt: you might use a pre-set sheet of things to look for or you can make it up and look for a certain colour or shape – can you find something in every colour of the rainbow? How about a leaf skeleton?
  • 60 seconds to tune in! Find somewhere to sit and listen to the sounds around you for 60 seconds – what can you hear? – Top Tip – close your eyes!
  • Tall Tales: finding a natural object and coming up with a story about it. Was it left behind by an ancient traveller, looking for their fortune hidden in a Dragon’s lair? Or, perhaps it has dropped from Space, junk from a passing spacecraft?
  • Animal Footprints: Find some animal footprints and see how far that you can follow them (who do you think made the prints?). How many different prints can you find? Can you see those not just made by dogs but wild animals too?

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