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Can you believe April is upon us already?

Some of the UK’s mammals are just awakening from a long, winter slumber. Do you know that the UK has 18 species of bat? Find out more about our bats and when to see them.

John Muir is often called the founding father of National Parks. His legacy has motivated thousands to enjoy and take action for wild places across the globe. To celebrate what would have been his 183rd birthday on 21st April, we are exploring and celebrating people who inspire and motivate us today.

Who inspires you to take action for nature? Share your stories on social media and help us celebrate #JohnMuirDay

This month:

If you would like more ideas on activities and resources, head over to our Junior Ranger Facebook page which is regularly updated.

Activity Ideas

  • Have a scavenger hunt: you might use a pre-set sheet of things to look for or you can make it up and look for a certain colour or shape – can you find something in every colour of the rainbow? How about a leaf skeleton?
  • 60 seconds to tune in! Find somewhere to sit and listen to the sounds around you for 60 seconds – what can you hear? – Top Tip – close your eyes!
  • Tall Tales: finding a natural object and coming up with a story about it. Was it left behind by an ancient traveller, looking for their fortune hidden in a Dragon’s lair? Or, perhaps it has dropped from Space, junk from a passing spacecraft?
  • Animal Footprints: Find some animal footprints and see how far that you can follow them (who do you think made the prints?). How many different prints can you find? Can you see those not just made by dogs but wild animals too?

Local Plan Review

Our Local Plan Review is still live. We would love to hear from young people, the decision-makers of tomorrow. They can help lead the way as we look for a more sustainable future for our national park. It is vital that young people are involved in the governance of protected areas, especially those of you living in, or close to the national parks themselves. If you would like to have your say, please complete this survey.

The survey is straightforward to work through and should take about 10 minutes to complete. It is anonymous. The results will directly feed into debates that are happening now at the national park. The responses really will count and help shape policies for years to come. The survey closes on the 5th May. If you would like to undertake the survey in an educational setting, you may find our lesson plan and power-point helpful.

Survey link - survey closes Weds 5 May 2021.

Presentation and lesson plan files

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