Audit, Resources & Performance Committee


Audit, Resources & Performance Committee

The work of the Audit, Resources & Performance Committee

The Committee monitors and reviews the corporate governance and performance of the Authority to ensure that it is providing a 'best value' service. The Committee considers annual reports from the District and Internal Auditors, approves the annual accounts and regularly reviews the Authority's services.

It also deals with staffing and other resource issues; conservation, estate and property management; visitor information & environmental education; access, ranger services, traffic management, forestry, landscape, farming and management agreements.

All reports and minutes are in PDF format. Some of the documents are large and will take some time to download.

24 January 2014
Agenda and reports

21 March 2014
Agenda and reports

9 May 2014
Meeting cancelled

6 June 2014
Agenda and reports

18 July 2014
Agenda and reports

19 September 2014
Agenda and reports

7 November 2014
Agenda and reports

Audit, Resources & Performance committee archive

Agendas, reports and minutes dating back to 2007 can be accessed through the audit, resources & performance committee archive . Please contact our Customer Service team if you need access to committees prior to 2007.

Committee members

Chair: Councillor Andrew McCloy
Vice chair: Councillor Chris Furness

Mrs Frances Beatty
Councillor Doug Birkinshaw
Councillor Godfrey Claff
Councillor Damien Greenhalgh
Councillor Tony Favell
Mr Zahid Hamid
Councillor Peter Harrison
Councillor Gill Heath
Mr Robert Helliwell
Ms Suzanne Leckie
Councillor Steve Marshall-Clarke
Mr Geoff Nickolds
Councillor Lesley Roberts
Ms Emma Sayer 
Councillor Nicola Turner
Councillor David Williams 

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