Duration of Meeting
In the event of not completing its business within 3 hours of the start of the meeting, in accordance with the Authority's Standing Orders, the Authority will decide whether or not to continue the meeting. If the Authority decides not to continue the meeting it will be adjourned and the remaining business considered at the next scheduled meeting.

If the Authority has not completed its business by 1.00pm and decides to continue the meeting the Chair will exercise discretion to adjourn the meeting at a suitable point for a 30 minute lunch break after which the committee will re-convene.


Agendas and reports
Copies of the Agenda and Part A reports are available for members of the public before and during the meeting. These are also available on the website .

Background Papers
The Background Papers referred to in each report are divided into PART A and PART B. PART A papers are available for inspection by the Public, by appointment. PART B papers contain 'Exempt or Confidential Information' and are not available for Public inspection. An appointment can be made to inspect the PART A background papers at the National Park Office, Bakewell by contacting Mrs K Zubertowski on 01629 816336.

Public Participation Anyone wishing to participate at the Committee meeting under the Authority's Public Participation Scheme is required to give notice to the Director of Corporate Resources to be received not later than 12.00 noon on the Wednesday preceding the Friday meeting. The Scheme is available on the website or on request from Democratic Services 01629 816362, email address:, fax number 01629 816310. Speakers at the Committee meeting should ensure that their comments are restricted to material planning considerations. Speakers may wish to endorse points made by other speakers but should avoid repeating detail. The Chair has the discretion to intervene if statements are repetitive.

Recording of Meetings
In accordance with the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 members of the public may record and report on our open meetings using sound, video, film, photograph or any other means this includes blogging or tweeting, posts on social media sites such or publishing on video sharing sites.   If you intend to record or report on one of our meetings you are asked to contact the Democratic and Legal Support Team in advance of the meeting so we can make sure it will not disrupt the meeting and is carried out in accordance with any published protocols and guidance.

The Authority uses an audio sound system to make it easier to hear public speakers and discussions during the meeting and to make a digital sound recording available after the meeting. The recordings will usually be retained only until the minutes of this meeting have been confirmed.

Submission of Information
The public and applicants/agents should not circulate information at the Committee meeting. In exceptional cases this may be allowed at the discretion of the Chair.

Written Representations
Written representations received on items are summarised in the published report. Except for statutory consultees, all representations including those from applicants received after 12 noon on the Wednesday before the Friday meeting will not be reported unless exceptionally, in the case of factual information received from applicants, it is the officer view that this information needs to be reported in the interests of proper decision making.

Where representations are received after the publication of the Committee report and prior to the Wednesday 12 noon deadline and the representee wishes to speak at the Committee meeting, officers will not summarise the contents of the representation.

General Information for Members of the Public Attending Committee Meetings
Information on Public transport from surrounding areas can be obtained from Traveline on 0871 200 2233 or on the website at

Please note that there is no catering provision for members of the public during meal breaks. However, there are cafes, pubs and shops in Bakewell town centre, approximately 15 minutes walk away.

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