Residential Annexes SPD Consultation

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Residential Annexes Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) – Consultation Draft

The Residential Annexes SPD explains how the National Park Authority will consider planning applications for residential annexes and outlines the information that should be submitted in support of a planning application. It provides clarification to Development Management Policies (DMP) policy DMH5: Ancillary dwellings in the curtilages of existing dwellings by conversion or new build and explains the relevant legal Case Law surrounding the subject.


A research project was undertaken to investigate the Authority’s use of Section 106 Agreements. The research indicated that there were inconsistencies in the application of policies dealing with ancillary residential accommodation and therefore it concluded that a guidance note and training of officers and possibly Members should be considered. It was also agreed that a standard condition should be agreed with the Authority’s Legal Team for these types of development.

It was subsequently decided that the guidance note should be upgraded to an SPD after colleagues in both Development Management and Enforcement & Monitoring saw the value of such a document for both local residents and planning agents. The document was shared with the Members of the Local Plan Review Steering Group, and then taken to Planning Committee in March where it was approved as a draft for consultation. The comments/feedback received was noted and resulted in some changes to the SPD as now drafted.


In accordance with our Statement of Community Involvement, which has been temporarily updated to reflect COVID 19 guidance, we are undertaking a four week formal consultation.

Consultation Documents

Residential Annexes SPD – Consultation Draft document (931KB) PDF

How to Comment

We would be grateful for any comments you have in respect of the Residential Annexes SPD, but in particular we would like feedback on:

  1. whether the content of the SPD is too complex (bearing in mind its intended audience);
  2. whether the terminology used causes any confusion; and
  3. whether the location of Chapter 2: Terminology within the document is appropriate or whether it would be best placed in an appendix.

Please submit your comments on the Residential Annexes SPD – Consultation Draft by email to

We would prefer email responses rather than responses by post at this time as our office currently has limited opening hours so there will be a delay in receiving post. If a response by letter is essential then please use the address below.

Further Information

Should you need any further information please contact Mr Brian Taylor (Head of Policy and Communities), Peak District National Park Authority, Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, DE45 1AE or by email:

Consultation Timeframe

The consultation will be open from Monday 3 August 2020 to 5pm on Friday 28 August 2020.

Next steps

Upon completion of the formal consultation, any necessary amendments will be made and the SPD will be considered by the Authority for adoption.

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