Chief Executive

  • Sarah Fowler

Conservation and Planning Director

  • John Scott

Conservation and Planning Heads of Service

  • Head of Development Management - Jane Newman
  • Head of Policy and Communities - Brian Taylor
  • Head of Landscape and Conservation - Suzanne Fletcher
  • Head of Delivery (Moors for the Future) - Chris Dean

Corporate Strategy and Development Director

  • David Hickman

Corporate Strategy and Development Heads of Service

  • Head of Finance - Philip Naylor
  • Head of Human Resources - Theresa Reid
  • Head of Information Management - Darren Butler
  • Head of Law - Andrea McCaskie
  • Head of Strategy and Performance - Emily Fox

Commercial Development and Engagement Director

  • Adrian Barraclough

Commercial Development and Engagement Heads of Service

  • Head of Visitor Experience Development - Emma Stone
  • Head of Engagement - Sarah Wilks
  • Head of Marketing and Fundraising Development - Tom Marshall

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