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Calaminarian grassland project

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Calaminarian Grassland Project

What is the Project?

Calaminarian Grasslands are a national BAP habitat with a significant proportion of the overall UK resource found concentrated over mineral veins (lead rakes) in the White Peak in Derbyshire. The project seeks to gain a clear understanding of the distribution and quality of these sites through survey work; to input this information to local, regional and national databases to facilitate the targeting and planning of conservation action; and to contribute to achieving favourable condition on selected sites through capital works.

Where is it?

The project covers the whole of the Derbyshire ore field, which is mostly within the White Peak, both inside and outside of the National Park.

What is the Purpose?

  1. To gain, through survey and mapping, a consistent understanding of the Calaminarian Grassland resource throughout Derbyshire including designated and non-designated sites, and sites within and without the National Park and the Peak District boundary.
  2. To input this data to Natural England’s Grassland Inventory for Calaminarian Grasslands which is presently under development, and to relevant regional and local registers to ensure recognition of the significant sites at a local, regional and national level, and facilitate targeting of conservation action.
  3. To achieve favourable condition at selected sites through a programme of capital works.

What Habitats will Benefit?

Calaminarian Grassland

What Species will Benefit?

Brown hare, skylark and frog orchid

What has already been Achieved?

This project has only just begun, but it builds upon work carried out over the last few years to survey the physical condition of lead rakes in the Peak District.

What is Planned?

Maintenance of 20-30ha of Calaminarian Grassland and contribution to the delivery of favourable or recovering condition on a proportion of sites, to be determined following the survey phase of the project.

Who is Involved?

The project is funded by the SITA Trust, co-ordinated by the National Park Authority and with supporting funding from Natural England.

How Can I Find Out More?

Find out more about Calaminarian grasslands

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