BAP on the Map

peak district landscape

We are planning to develop interactive maps of the Peak District BAP area, where it is hoped we will display areas of existing habitat, plus ‘project’ activity and areas of opportunity for biodiversity enhancement. These maps will then be linked to habitat and species targets, habitat descriptions, and project descriptions.

As an interim measure we have uploaded some PDF maps showing areas of BAP habitats and projects. Please note that the habitat map depicts some of the survey information for the Peak District which is currently available to us digitally, but should not be considered definitive, i.e. not all areas of high quality and BAP habitat can be shown at this time.

Whole BAP area with Habitats pdf (4.2mb, opens new window)

Whole BAP area with Projects pdf (2.9mb, opens new window)

The image below shows the distribution of BAP habitats across the Peak District, again this is not definitive.

  • Moorland habitats are shown in shades of purple;
  • Grassland habitats in shades of orange;
  • Woodland habitats in shades of green;
  • Wetland habitats in shades of blue.

Habitat map of the Peak District

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