Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Calaminarian Grassland

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Calaminarian Grasslands (pdf)

Approximate Extent - 41 ha

Distribution - Mainly in the White Peak

Opportunities and Threats

Extent - Very localised and limited in extent. Continuing declines evident during the previous BAP period due to vein mineral extraction and agriculture.

Condition - Very variable. Good on protected sites, good to very poor on others due to a range of agricultural improvement.

Connectivity - Poor. Even allowing for the localised nature of the substrate. Interest often fragmented along the length of mineral veins. Connectivity to other grassland habitats good in the dales and some areas of the limestone plateau (eg Bonsall Moor, Castleton), but often very poor elsewhere.

Climate change risks - Medium. Principally through likely shift in species composition.  Increased summer temperatures could favour southern species (plants and invertebrates), but the key species characteristic of this habitat locally could be at risk.


International importance, limited extent, vulnerability to loss and fragmentation mean it is:

High priority to:

  • Maintain condition of existing sites in SSSIs through appropriate grazing regimes
  • Secure the conservation and appropriate management of non-SSSI sites to maintain and enhance condition

Medium priority to:

  • Improve connectivity by securing the conservation and  appropriate management of surrounding/connecting grassland habitats
  • Research and implement restoration techniques

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