Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge


Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Approximate Extent – unknown

Distribution – Mostly a feature of parts of the White Peak and South West Peak

Opportunities and Threats

Extent – Unknown.  No evidence of loss during the last BAP period.

Condition – Probably generally poor, both inherently and through lack of management.

Connectivity – Probably moderate, limited by condition. Value in connecting fragmented woodland and as movement corridors for birds and small mammals.

Climate change risks – Low.  Some risk to loss of hedgerow trees through drought and disease.


Generally species-poor nature of hedges in the Peak District compared to other areas, and low threat of loss, coupled with value for BAP bird species mean it is:

Medium priority to:

  • Incorporate appropriate hedgerow management into relevant agri-environment scheme agreements.
  • Identify areas of greatest importance for hedgerow and woodland networks and secure their conservation and appropriate management.

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