Inland Rock Outcrops and Scree Habitats


Inland Rock Outcrops and Scree Habitats (pdf full description) 

Approximate extent – 410 ha

Distribution – Across the Peak District

Opportunities and Threats

Extent – Stable.  Very low risk to extent.

Condition – Probably generally favourable.  Some risk of scrub encroachment on open screes, and some risk of potential disturbance to nesting birds through recreational activities.

Connectivity – Good.  Although the extent of the habitat is somewhat fragmented by its nature, most falls within large extents of semi-natural moorland and limestone dale habitat.

Climate change risk – Low.  Some risk of increased recreational pressure and shift in species composition.


Generally low risks to extent and quality of this habitat mean it is:

Medium priority to:

  • Maintain important areas of open scree, free of scrub encroachment.
  • Negotiate appropriate access arrangements for sites of importance for key nesting birds.

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