Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Limestone Pavement

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Approximate Extent – Less than 10ha with the distribution and extent of sites well known as a result of volunteer action in 2009/10.

Distribution -White Peak

Opportunities and Threats

Extent -  Naturally very localized and limited in extent with only a few small sites.  Locally stone removal has happened and continues to happen.

Condition – Poor as a result of management being targeted at surrounding high priority habitats.  Peak District sites (inherently?) lack limestone pavement ‘speciality’ species.

Connectivity -  Very poor connectivity between pavement sites but a high proportion exist in a mosaic with other BAP habitats

Climate change risks – Possibly favourable as extreme weather events remove topsoil and expose pavements. Otherwise low with risk to shift in species composition


Limited extent of this habitat (particularly in a  national context), lack of specialist species and the higher priority of other habitats on many sites means it is:

Low priority for BAP conservation action (but may be a higher geological conservation priority).

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