Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Upland Flushes, Fens & Swamps

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Upland Flushes Fens & Swamps (pdf full description) 

Approximate Extent – c.655 ha
Distribution -Dark Peak and South West Peak, with some alkaline flushes in the White Peak

Opportunities and Threats

Extent -  Widespread, with a large number of small or very small sites associated with moorland – particularly cloughs, and also within farmland pastures around the moorland fringe

Condition – Generally good on moorland, more variable on farmland sites.

Connectivity -  Good connectivity with other semi-natural habitat on moorland sites.  More fragmented on farmland.

Climate change risks – High risk of drying out associated with reduced summer rainfall and higher temperatures.


Generally limited threats and good condition, coupled with occurrence usually within more extensive habitats, mean this is generally a low priority for specific conservation action.  Although vulnerable to climate change, there is probably little mitigating action possible other than maintaining good condition to provide resilience.

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