Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Wood-Pasture and Parkland

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Wood-Pasture & Parkland (pdf full description)

Approximate extent - 588 ha
Distribution – Mainly in the Dark Peak

Opportunities and Threats

Extent -  Generally small sites with the exception of Chatsworth Park.

Condition – Generally in good condition, however, scope to enhance longevity of the habitat by appropriate new planting, and sensitive deadwood management.

Connectivity - Reasonably good connectivity with other woodland.  Isolated veteran trees in the landscape have poor connectivity except where they form part of a hedgerow.

Climate change risks – Some risk to mature trees through increased storm frequency.


The importance of Britain for this habitat means that it is

Medium priority to:

  • Enhance sites in poorer condition
  • Expand existing sites
  • Identify, safeguard and enhance areas of importance for isolated veteran trees

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