Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Recording and Monitoring

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Partners whose activities contribute to the delivery of BAP targets will be requested to report their actions and outcomes using the web-based system known as BARS (Biodiversity Action Reporting System).

The following principles apply*

  1. Progress should be reported at least annually;
  2. Actions and outcomes should only be reported once;
  3. Data should be appropriately spatially-referenced;
  4. Action data should be recorded quantitatively;
  5. Habitat action should be recorded at the priority BAP habitat level;
  6. Losses to habitats and of local species populations should be recorded quantitatively;
  7. Each BARS action must have a nominated individual who is responsible for reporting.

*Taken from Securing Biodiversity: Reporting Guidelines for the England Biodiversity Strategy Consultation Draft, April 2010.

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