Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

White Peak Action

Meadow in the White Peak

The Peak District BAP 2011-2020 requires a combined approach to achieving our targets for biodiversity.  This approach will include:

  • Large area projects
  • Habitat-specific and species-specific targeted action
  • Site-based work
  • Core work by partners, and
  • Delivery through agri-environment and woodland management agreements.

Planned Action

Activity in the White Peak will focus on enhancing grasslands and wetlands, and trying to link species-rich habitats across the landscape. Also important is maintaining in good condition the existing high quality habitats such as the Upland Ashwoods in the limestone dales.

Projects in the White Peak include: 

Calaminarian Grassland Project

Led by the National Park Authority with funding from SITA Trust, the National Park Authority and Natural England. The project will involve surveying the whole resource and completing capital works to improve condition of the habitat.

Proposed White Peak Project

A planned partnership project between Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, the National Park Authority and Natural England to reverse the historic and (in some areas) ongoing decline of semi-natural grasslands in the White Peak, and build a sustainable future for their management. To increase understanding of the importance of White Peak grasslands and enhance their potential for social, economic and environmental delivery amongst farmers, local people and visitors to the White Peak.  

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust White Peak HLS

Grassland and woodland management in Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves within the White Peak.

Derwent Valley Project

The project seeks to build a deeper connection between people and landscape, aiming to encourage people to learn about all the different elements of their local landscape, and then to enable individuals and groups to actively conserve, protect and celebrate important sites. The project uses the principle that through greater understanding and involvement, a deeper appreciation is felt and hence a desire to protect and conserve a place develops.

Quarry Restoration Schemes

A number of mineral companies operating in the Peak District have devised Quarry Biodiversity Action Plans, or Biodiversity Management Plans to enhance biodiversity both on active and inactive sites. Through liaison with the Minerals Planning Authority, minerals operators can achieve excellent results for wildlife on their sites.

SITA Trails Project

A National Park Authority project aimed at the sustainable conservation, enhancement and restoration of BAP quality habitats on the Monsal, High Peak, Tissington and Thornhill Trails.

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