What you can do


What can you do?

CyclingMitigate and adapt to the impacts resulting from climate change, promote sustainability and reduce your personal carbon footprint.

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Be a conscious consumer
  • Visit the Peak District and leave no trace
  • Support the best environmental practices as a business
  • Find out how you can benefit from taking action against climate change

You can also apply for loans or grants to improve your well-being:

At home you can…

  • Save money and help us to mitigate climate change by simply reducing your energy consumption
  • Follow the “energy hierarchy” – Avoid, Reduce and use Renewables
  • Follow the “waste hierarchy” – Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Take the home energy check now and find out about the potentials you have to improve your house. Find out how increasing insulation and installing double glazed windows decreases your energy bills. Invest into your future – become an energy producer and make your home more energy efficient.

Five things that will save you money right now:

  1. Switch of appliances from standby (for instance TV and Computer)
  2. Turn the temperature on your thermostat down a little
  3. Switch off lights which are not used
  4. Make sure your heating is timed and only comes on when needed
  5. Use low temperature washes and only wash full loads.

At work you can…

  • Encourage staff and customers to use public transportation or car-sharing to come to work
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your wastes – Buy in bulk and/or buy environmentally-friendly goods.
  • Decrease the environmental impact of your business and provide information about the efforts you take to be a better business.

Do you meet the criteria for the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark? Find out more about the benefits this scheme has for you or contact Faith Johnson on 01629 816321.

As a visitor you can…

  • Environmental Quality MarkArrive by bus or train and take advantage of money saving Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets
  • Use a bicycle, walk or take public transportation to travel within the Peak District
  • Leave no trace – preserve the beauty of the landscape and recycle your wastesWatch out for businesses that display the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark or the Peak District cuisine logo.
  • If traveling by car, be fuel efficient and drive responsibly.

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