Local Access Forum meetings


Attendance at Meetings

Members of the public are able to attend meetings of the Local Access Forum as observers. Members of the public may also request to speak at meetings. Contact the LAF Secretary by 12 noon the day before the meeting if you'd like to speak on an item.

Agendas and reports

Agenda and reports are published 3 working days before the meeting. A limited number of copies will be available during the meeting.

Background Papers

Any relevant background papers referred to in reports, excluding those papers that contain exempt or confidential information, may also be inspected by appointment at the National Park Office, Bakewell. For information contact the LAF Secretary at

Audio Webcasting

If you have an internet connection you can listen to the meeting live and listen again for at least 3 years after the meeting.

Listen to live and archived audio webcasts

2019 meetings

Thursday 14th March 2019 at 10.00m, Aldern House, Bakewell

Agenda (95KB)
Minutes of 6 December 2018
Item 3 - Fundraising Update (101KB)
Item 5.1 - PDNPA Ease of Use Survey (107KB)
Item 5.2 - DCC RoWIP Update (400KB)
Item 6 - Consultation on Direction on Access Land (887KB)
Item 8 - Green Lanes Update (681KB)
Item 9 - National Park Management Plan (232KB)

Thursday 6th June 2019 at 10.00am, Moorland Discovery Centre, Longshaw

Agenda (98KB)
Minutes of 14 March 2019
Item 3 - Fundraising Update (100KB)
Item 4.1 - Access Update (497KB)
Item 4.2 - Review of Directions (2.65 MB)
Item 7 - DCC RoWIP Update (87KB)

Thursday 19th September at 10.00am, Aldern House, Bakewell

Agenda (111KB)
Minutes of 6 June 2019 (465KB)
Item 8 - DCC RoWIP Update (852KB)
Item 9.1 - Access Update (442KB)
Item 9.2 - PDNPA Property Disposals (118KB)
Item 10 - Green Lanes Update (115KB)

Thursday 5th December at 10.00am, Aldern House, Bakewell

Agenda (111KB)
Minutes of 6 June 2019 (465KB)
Item 3 - DCC Countryside Service Review (564KB)
Item 4 - Landscape Review (503KB)
Item 6.1 - Review of Direction (548KB)
Item 6.2 - Access Update (99KB)
Item 7 - Climate Change (6358KB)
Item 8 - PDLAF Priorities (261KB)

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