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Q: Why is the Peak District National Park selling/marketing a reusable coffee cup?

Seven million coffee cups are used daily in the UK with less than 1% of this volume fully recycled. They are part of a range of single use disposable materials that are one of the single biggest contributors to terrestrial and marine litter. The Peak District has a range of cafes, restaurants and outdoor hot drink concessions that often sell products in single-use cups.

We want to work with local businesses and visitors to actively reduce this volume of disposable materials within the National Park (and where it may have an impact outside the park boundary as litter or landfill), encourage reusable products instead and raise awareness of the wider environmental impacts.

Q: Where can I buy a Peak District National Park coffee cup

The cups are available at our Visitor Centres, Cycle Hire and online priced at £9.95.

Q: Who makes your National Park re-usable coffee cup?

Our cup is made by leading manufacturer Ecoffee cup, and is one of the most environmentally conscious products available on the market. It has the following credentials:

  • Organic, sustainably grown bamboo
  • Naturally sterile
  • Low energy and CO2 manufacture
  • BPA, petrochemical and phthalate free
  • Recyclable bonded silica lid and band

Other users of the brand include charities Oxfam and Surfers Against Sewage, plus a number of charities including Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who retail Ecoffee’s own range of cups. It frequently scores highly in reusable cup reviews.

After its lifespan, the cup itself, lid and grip band are also fully recyclable by traditional methods.

Q: Why does it cost £9.95, I’ve seen cheaper ones?

We want our reusable cup to reach the highest environmental standards, and this is reflected in the production costs. We do not want to create new and additional plastic or metal products, and the Ecoffeecup meets this requirement as it is made with sustainable bamboo and fully recyclable.  

We have priced our Peak District National Park coffee cup to be comparable with ‘off the shelf’ ranges already supplied by Ecoffeecup. Any additional funds generated from the sale of our cup help support our associated campaign to encourage use of reusable products, assist local business to do the same, and go towards the work of the Peak District National Park Authority in conserving and looking after the National Park.

Q: Why don’t you just give them away for free?

To produce a ‘free’ giveaway coffee cup would mean compromising on a cheaper, less environmentally sensitive option, possibly using plastic as a base material. We want the Peak District to set the best standards, which is why we have chosen an industry-leading option, which although more expensive to produce, we hope people will appreciate. Data from high street retailers suggests a significant rise in the purchase of reusable coffee cups over the last year, including premium brands.

Q: How does the campaign work?

By purchasing a reusable coffee cup, you can receive a small discount at selected local businesses in the Peak District to say thank you for using a #MyPeakCup. This is similar to schemes you may be familiar with involving high street coffee retailers. Every time you use your #MyPeakCup, you'll be saving one less disposable!

As there is a range of local businesses taking part, the discounts available may vary. Cafes and concessions in National Park Visitor Centres are not run by the National Park Authority, and any participation in the discount scheme is at their discretion.

Q: Can I use my own reusable coffee cup instead to get a discount?

We have asked our visitor centres and those private businesses taking part in the campaign to honour the discount scheme on all reusable coffee cups, but any discounts given are at the discretion of the business in question. However, we encourage visitors to use our Peak District National Park coffee cup to help raise awareness of the campaign, promote the most environmentally friendly option and support the National Park.

Q: What else are you doing about plastics and packaging?

We know there is a long way to go to ensure that our operations and visitor centres meet the high environmental standards we’d really like to achieve. We are also looking at how our retail products are shipped to us, how they are stored and how we present these to our customers for sale, and we are actively looking to reduce or remove unnecessary packaging.

Q: Why is the cup made in China and not the UK?

Our cup is made from highly sustainable, quick-growing bamboo – which is native to the Far East. Growing this material and producing the cup at source then shipping to the UK has a much smaller carbon footprint than shipping the initial raw materials for production here. The cups themselves are also incredibly light to transport.

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