Stanage Forum 2020


On behalf of the Stanage Forum Steering Group, thank you for joining our 2021 'virtual Open Meeting'.

The opportunity to raise questions and hear what others have to say is at the heart of the Stanage Forum. Under normal circumstances, our Open Meeting would have taken place in Hathersage on 16 October 2021.

As that wasn't possible this year, we've created this web page. It includes presentations and reports from all the people involved in managing different aspects of the Estate. You can raise questions or make comments by emailing

We will be taking questions for the Open Meeting until 14 November 2020. We will then add an FAQ section on this page, so you can check back in and see the responses.

After 14 November 2020, you can use the same email addresses to raise issues for the Steering Group to discuss throughout the year.

We're sorry that we can't meet you all in person this year, which would have been a celebration of 20 years of the Forum. We hope this update will inspire you to keep caring for Stanage-North Lees and supporting the work of the Forum. We look forward to bigger and better celebrations next year.

Neil Porter – Chair, Stanage Forum Steering Group
October 2020

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