Countryside Volunteers - Projects


These are some of the projects undertaken by our volunteers.

Footpath surfacing.

Silver birch clearance (cut & rove) from heather moorland.

Grove Rake, Chelmorten
Several tonnes of tipped rubbish cleared from lead rake.

Hawthorn scrub clearance, footpath clearance and construction, edge boarding, timber step construction and surfacing work.

North Lees
Drystone walling, footpath construction, drainage work, scrub clearance, fencing, tree thinning and various woodland management tasks including transplanting tree saplings.

Ramsley Moor
Silver birch gathering after extensive felling and the creation of a large number of habitat piles.

Bradwell Edge
Mixed scrub clearance.

Fencing and gate repairs, scrub clearance.

Long Dale, near Newhaven
Creation of butterfly habitat.

White Lodge Nature Reserve
Drystone walling and hawthorn scrub clearance.

Alport, near Youlgreave
Mixed scrub clearance.

Shillito Wood
Litter clearance and tidying of amenity woodland.

Selective scrub clearance.

Revetment repair and construction.

Earl Rake, near Bradwell
Drystone walling, footpath clearance and mixed scrub clearance.

Thor's Cave, Manifold Valley
Coppice work in hazel wood.

Hedgerow maintenance, boardwalk construction, timber step and handrail construction, cutting back vegetation from footpaths and old fence line removal.

Footbridge construction.

Litter drive at Valehouse Reservoir, removal of ragwort from trail, footbridge construction, watercourse clearance and footpath work.

Clearance of overhanging gorse from bridleway, ditching and drainage work.

Froggat Edge
Drainage work, silt removal and silver birch clearance.

Ladybower, Heatherdene
Various projects.

Footpath clearance, walling and timber step construction.

Ramsley Reservoir
Rebuilding of parts of the old stone reservoir slipway, fencing around structure to protect from livestock.

Heathcote Mere
Pond clearance.

Pond clearance.

Great Longstone
Footpath clearance.

Willow Wood, Great Longstone
Willow Wood accounted for approx 185 volunteer work days and involved surfacing around 350 metres of footpath with 80 tonnes of aggregate spread in the traditional way - by hand! It also involved the construction of an unusual fence post revetment, to contractor's standards, and the design and construction of a 3.5 x 3 metre dipping platform. In addition the wood was cleared of rubbish and any unnecessary clutter.

Other projects
Nest box building activities took place at Tittesworth Animal Day and at Marsh Farm Volunteers Centre. National Spring Clean at Monsal Dale, Cowper Stone Area, Sparklow and High Peak Trail, Haywood, Curbar and Froggat, Hartington and Tissington Trail.

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