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Following the completion of the hearing sessions, the Authority has now published for consultation a schedule of Main Modifications to the published version of the DMP document. The Inspector considers that modifications are necessary in order for the DMP document to be found 'sound'. We have also published a schedule of Additional Modifications which consists of changes to correct typographical errors and provide factual updates.

For reference we have prepared a 'tracked changes' version of the DMP document, with the main and additional modifications shown as amendments. We have also produced a 'clean' version of the DMP document, which shows the DMP document incorporating all of the main and additional modifications proposed.

Alongside the schedules, we have also prepared an Addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) to re-assess some of the policies with the DMP document that are subject to modification, as well as an Addendum to the Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA).

Policies map

This GIS map shows the published Policies Map consulted on between 18th November 2016 to 27th January 2017, and all of the proposed modifications.  To see all designations that apply to a particular site:

  1. select each of the individual layers independently, or
  2. select all the check boxes at once and click the map on the site/part of the site you are interested in.

Making comments

Comments are now being invited on the above documents until 5pm on Monday 28th January 2019.

Comments should relate to the schedule of Main Modifications, the SA Addendum and the HRA Addendum, and when referring to the schedule the relevant modification reference should be quoted (e.g MM1).

Any comments received which do not relate to these documents will not be considered as part of the examination and registered as such.

Comments may also be made to the schedule of Additional Modifications, however, unlike the main modifications these are not subject to the examination.

Please note that late representations cannot be taken into consideration by the Authority, or the Inspector.

We are required to publish a name and organisation (if applicable) alongside each response and therefore responses cannot be treated as confidential. Other personal information, if provided, will not be made publicly available.

Hard copies of the documents are also available at the following locations during normal opening hours:

Please submit your representation on the proposed modifications:

In writing to Brian Taylor, Head of Policy and Communities, Peak District National Park Authority, Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1AE;


By email to

Next steps

All comments relating to the Main Modifications to the DMP document will be submitted to the Inspector. The Inspector will consider all the comments received and decide whether any further hearings are required and if any issues need to be revisited. The Inspector will then present his final conclusion in a report. If the report concludes that the DMP document is ‘sound’, the Council can proceed to adopt the DMP document and associated Policies Map, subject to making the modifications identified.

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