Midhope Moor Track Inquiry


Update: 12 February 2021

This Public Inquiry will now take place between 21-23 July, and 27-29 July 2021.

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that an appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate by Dunlin Limited against an Enforcement Notice issued by the Peak District National Park Authority for engineering operations, consisting of the laying of geotextile matting and wooden log rafts on the land to form a track on land at Mickleden Edge, Midhope Moor, Bradfield, South Yorkshire, S36 4GX.

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has instructed an Inspector to hold a Local Inquiry starting on 21 July 2021, which will be held as a virtual event with parties invited to join via Microsoft Teams or telephone.

View all the inquiry documents.

Inquiry Attendance Information

Before deciding whether to take an active part in the Inquiry, you need to think carefully about the points you wish to make. All written submissions from the application and appeal stage will be taken into account by the Inspector and re-stating the same points will not add any additional weight to them.

If you feel that taking part in the Inquiry is right for you in whatever capacity, you can participate in a number of ways:

  • To take part using video, participants will need to have access to Microsoft Teams (via an app or web browser). Alternatively, you can take part by telephone. Calls would be to an 020 number which will incur charges.
  • If you just wish to observe the event, you should make that clear in your response to the Case Officer.
  • If you wish to take an active part in the proceedings, please make clear in your response whether you wish only to appear at the Inquiry and make a statement, or whether you would also wish to ask questions on particular topics.
  • If you want to take an active part but feel unable to for any reason, and/or the points you want to make are not covered in the evidence of others, consider whether someone else could raise them on your behalf.

Registered participants in whatever capacity will receive individual joining instructions, providing details of any requirements, guidance and support, whether joining by Microsoft Teams or telephone.

Planning Inspectorate References: APP/M9496/C/18/3215789

Case Officer contact at the Planning Inspectorate:

Eleanor Morris
Tel: 0303 4444 5312

The Planning Inspectorate will notify the decision on the appeal only to those who ask to be notified.

Further information on Midhope Moor

The track at Midhope Moor was laid a number of years ago to facilitate access for conservation works. The track was intended to be temporary, but planning permission was not sought prior to the track being laid. An application was subsequently submitted and refused in 2018 as the impact of the track was considered to be unacceptable. The National Park Authority then served an enforcement notice in October 2018. The applicant then submitted an appeal and the Notice went into abeyance pending the appeal being determined. The appeal was not progressed by the Planning Inspectorate until this year, despite concerns of the delay this was causing.

A Public Inquiry has now been set and this will commence on 8 December and is likely to last several days. Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, the Inquiry is being held as a "virtual" inquiry. The Inspector will also visit the site with representatives of both parties. The decision is likely to follow some weeks, or possibly months after the inquiry closes. Our enforcement notice requires removal of the track, but the appellant is arguing that it should be retained, albeit with some works to the most damaged sections.

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