Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Visitor Survey 2014

peak district landscape

The Visitor Survey 2014 specifically looks in depth at the people who visit and reasons for visiting the Peak District. 

This consisted of quantitative, face to face surveys with people who have visited the National Park, conducted by PDNPA staff at various locations across the National Park on five different dates between May and August 2014. Further surveys are planned in 2015 in other areas of the Peak District.

Who visited?

People of all ages visited the National Park, overall this was broadly representative of the population of England. Half of all visitors were employed with only 1% of visitors stating they were unemployed. In 2005, 94% of visitors to the Peak District classed themselves as White British compared with 90% White British in 2014.

How long did they stay?

About 8 in 10 visitors to the Peak District are day visitors. Average length of stay (hours) to the north west of the park is 3.4 hours. This compares with a Peak District average of 3.6 hours in 2005. Overnight visitors make up 16% of the visitors, with two thirds staying inside the National Park.

Why people visited?

Half of all respondents visited the area for the scenery and because they had been to the area before. One third of respondents stated they visited because they lived locally and or the area was easy to get to.

How did they get here?

83% of visitors came to the area by car, indicating no significant change from 2005 when 85% came by car.

How often do people visit?

Two thirds of visitors are regular visitors, only 7% are first time visitors.

Do they have a good time?

Almost all of visitors rate their time in the National Park positively (98% very good or quite good). 98% of respondents stated they would return - in 2005 this was also 98%. The six people who stated they are unlikely to return stated distance as the reason.

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