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Beyonk test links

Direct REST resource with categories on URL (globals_get_categories)

All local climb adventures - anchor button 50km from Bakewell - categories set on URL.

Categories with local results: hike | bike | climb | camp | bushcraft | mindfulness | multi-activity

Climb or Hike - demo of multiple categories

Categories without local results (currently): canoe | sup | surf | ski | culture | culinary | historical | boat | dive | air

Link goes directly to rest resource asset so not much scope to wrap HTML above or below and page will break if categories variable removed from URL or the value is not one of the above.

Go via this page to see the view page for each adventure with the aventure ID being passed on the URL.



Standard page with get variable set in nested include container

Useful for embedding a list of adventures for a given category on an existing page e.g. Climbing page.

Live view test for single adventure with hardcoded ID in link (=d3izmW)

Test links

Original rest resource list - category=climb

Rest resource list embedded on page - location Bakewell, type climbing, radius 50km

Example individual adventure - v1

Example single adventure - v2 showing multiple banner images and adaptive content - layout needs work. Hardcoded ID, so use search below to preview other adventures

PDNPA run adventures - phase 2

API list of PDNPA test adventures

Widget demos

All events live site

Single event - live site - you will be charged £1 if you book

All events - test site

Single event - test site - you won't be charged

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