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  1. climbing content from current getactive/rock-climbing page
  2. Beyonk API pulling in live third party local climbing adventures - hard-coded queries on REST API page
  3. Beyonk widget pulling in live third-party adventures - variables set in metadata

1. Nested content from rock climbing page

The Peak District has some of the most challenging and popular rock climbing routes in Europe including the internationally important Stanage Edge, near Sheffield and the Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands. No one knows the exact number of recorded climbs in the Peak District; it exceeds 10,000...

Many world-class climbers live in and around the area, sharpening their skills on its challenging cliffs, edges and boulders. Regardless of whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or world-class athlete, there are plenty of crags for you to discover in the Peak District.

Take the next step:

For the beginner an indoor climbing wall offering instruction can be a good starting point or an outdoor activity provider who can show you the ropes. If you enjoy climbing indoors you'll probably love climbing on real rock!

The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) provides up-to-date information on crags, along with the latest news on seasonal access, restrictions, disturbance of wildlife and advice on how to start climbing outdoors.

The Peak District enjoys an extensive public transport network, enabling you to have a full day out exploring the area without using the car.

Also, check out these ambassador centres who offer rock climbing opportunities.

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2. Results of Beyonk API call (hardcoded)


Direct link to JS REST resource asset pulling in the above API query

Beyonk demo - list of adventures within 50km of Bakewell

Book via WidgetIntermediate Navigation Training
Edale, Hope Valley S33, UK
climb, hike
Book via WidgetOvercome Your Fear Of Heights - Derbyshire
Derbyshire, UK
hike, climb, mindfulness, multi-activity
Book via WidgetRock Climbing and Abseiling in the Peak District
Windgather Rocks, High Peak, UK
climb, multi-activity

3. Results of Results of Beyonk API call (using metadata to set location, radius and single category)

Currently only works (doesn't error) with metadata set on the REST API asset.  Need to adapt so globals/nested variables can be passed to it

Beyonk demo - testing metadata

Book via WidgetBikepacking For Beginners
Bamford, Hope Valley S33, UK
bike, camp, multi-activity

4. Beyonk Widget

MD vars

Radius   | 50

Location | 53.2152,-1.6762

Category | hike

Shows 'Book now!' widget in bottom left or right of window

Possibly not the right tool for this page as it shows either all forthcoming events from a specific provider (e.g. data-leader="tXuHjR") OR a single adventure (e.g. data-id="bpH5pO")

script id="byk-bkw" //beyonk booking wizard
src="//"  //script URL
data-theme="#ff0000"  //DIV background
data-position="right"   //left or right

data-id="bpH5pO"  //single adventure

data-type="list" // inferred if data-id not supplied?
data-leader="tXuHjR" //Beyonk ID of adventure provider

location="53.2152,1.6762" // lat long (not long lat as documented)
radius="50" // does this represent km?

async defer></script>

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