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Hope Valley Explorer - FAQs

Hope Valley Explorer

Q: Where does the route go/where can I get on board?

A: A route and stop timetable is available at and via the Stagecoach website at where you can also find their Journey Planner. This is a hop-on, hop-off service at all allocated stops along the route.

Please note, unlike previous services the 2021 service is unable to visit Edale due to the use of larger vehicles to allow increased capacity.

Q: What provision have you made for the impacts of Covid-19?

A: For 2021, we have increased the size of our buses (full-size single deckers) to allow for both increased capacity as a result of  interest in the Peak District and to support social distancing for your comfort and confidence. Drivers and passengers will all be required to meet the latest government guidance from 19 July on Covid-19 applicable to the use of public transport. This may include the requested use of face coverings, which will be indicated by signage on each service.

Q: Can I buy tickets/reserve a seat in advance?

A: As this is a hop-on, hop-off service, allocated seating is not bookable in advance. Tickets are bought on the bus on the day of travel.

Q: Can I take my bike on board?

A: For 2021, there will be provision for x2 bikes on each service via external racks. This is on a first-come, first served basis on the route and is not bookable.

Q: How much is it/where do I get a ticket?

A: Tickets can only be purchased from the driver on board and not on the Stagecoach website or App.

  • An Adult day ticket is £6 which includes travel all day on the Hope Valley Explorer. Not valid on any other service.
  • Family day ticket (up to 2 adults and two children) £12 which includes travel all day for up to 4 people (2 adults max) on the Hope Valley Explorer. Not valid on any other service.
  • Single journey £4

Full details on the season tickets applicable can be found on the route webpage.

Q. Can I pay be card/ApplePay/contactless?

A: Payments can be taken by contactless payment or in cash on the bus.

Q: Will the bus go to the train stations and will the timetable link with the train times?

A: The route includes stops on or very close to railway stations at Edale, Bamford and Hope. Every effort has been made to ensure that a number of the trip times each day allow for the use of existing rail services from Sheffield and Manchester (and other regional stations). Similar efforts have been made to link to rail services from Nottingham and Derby, and additional bus services.

Q: Will the bus wait for me if I am late to the stop?

A: To ensure the service operates on time and as the timetable has been created to work with local rail services, buses will remain at each stop for the allocated period only, and will not be able to wait for delayed or late passengers.

Q. Does the bus have wifi?

A: Sorry, buses on this service are not wifi-enabled.

Q. Does the service have any commentary along the route?

A: A dedicated commentary in English will be available on each service, presented through speakers on the bus. We are testing options for an app-based version on smartphones later in the pilot scheme.

Q: Why isn’t there a concessionary rate (for free travel)?

A: There is no Department for Transport (DfT) requirement to offer a concessionary rate for free travel on limited period seasonal services such as the Hope Valley Explorer (which will operate for up to 42 days). As the scheme is a pilot, we wish to investigate the commercial viability of the project, and offering a concessionary rate may not provide an accurate picture of the use of the service. Upon showing a concessionary pass, a special discounted price of £3 for a day ticket on this service is available.

Q: Why aren’t you operating at other times?

A: We have chosen one of the busiest times of year for visitors in the National Park - including coinciding with the school holidays, and aim to reduce the number of car journeys made at this time, along with increasing use of nearby rail services (Hope, Bamford and Edale). The timetable is carefully planned to allow for the most number of trips each day within our allocated period of operation. As this is a pilot scheme, we are operating under a limited, seasonal 42-day Department for Transport (DfT) licence. This scheme will allow us to assess the potential for a more regular, extended service in the future.

Q: What access is there for those with limited mobility?

A: The buses in use on the Hope Valley Explorer offer the same number of disabled spaces allocated in mainstream bus services both within and outside the National Park. All buses operating on the service are low floor, wheelchair accessible.

Q: Why aren’t you operating in other parts of the National Park?

A: We are operating this pilot in one of the most popular areas of the National Park where increased car journeys can lead to congestion at peak times. This will help us to assess the benefits of similar schemes in the future.

Q: Who can I contact if I have a complaint about the Hope Valley Explorer service?

A: Contact Stagecoach directly on 01226 202555, email or on Twitter @StagecoachYrks.

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