Digital walking guides


Podscrolls are digital walking guides for your iPod or smart phone that mean you can keep a walking guide in your pocket. And if you don't have an iPod or smart phone, there's a version you can print.

The Moors for the Future project has produced two special podscrolls, inspired by handbooks from early 20th century ramblers. They contain poems, stories, quotes, maps and pictures to help you enjoy the countryside as you walk.

Abbey Brook
(12-mile walk revisiting the site of the Abbey Brook trespass)
Six months after the mass trespass on Kinder Scout, a less well-known trespass took place. This podscroll details the events of that September day and draws upon three articles that influenced this trespass, written by G.H.B. Ward, in handbooks dating from the 1920s.

Ward's Piece
(5 ¼-mile walk starting from Edale with its high point at the site dedicated to G.H.B. Ward)
Take a closer look at the man behind the original 'Workers' Sunday Ramblers Club'. You will discover what shaped his personality and you can visit the Peak District landmark dedicated to him.

Interview with John Bunting

You may also be interested in a podcast of an interview with John Bunting, an early campaigner for access to the countryside.

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